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Washington Civil & Disability Advocate 

May 21, 2018

WACDA has been working on building  support for S.1318/H.R. 5004 the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act of 2017,

For those of you who do not know, this bill would:

  • Airline Passengers With Disabilities Bill of Rights
  • Advisory Committee on Disability at the Department of Transportation
  • Improve Stowage Options for Assistive Devices
  • Safe & Effective Boarding & Deplaning Process
  • Increase penalties for damaged wheelchairs/mobility aids or bodily injuries, and allowing air travelers to sue in court to recover damages
  • Raise standards for accessibility, safety and airport and airline employee training

How can you do your part? Well, it is simple. Call your congressmen and your senators. It has not reached a floor vote yet, and we can be proactive by calling and insisting that Washington votes YES on H.R. 5004! We need to make our voices heard and show our Representatives what is important to us.

Keep Track of progress on the bill here

You can send a message to your Representatives and SenatorsHERE.

Or you can look up their office phone number here.

Together, we can.

May 8, 2018

Microsoft currently launching a $25 million initiative to use artificial intelligence to build better technology for the community of people living with disabilities. There are several articles that have been written on it. Check out one of them HERE.

May 7, 2018

A reminder to those who love keeping up with all of our news from WACDA and the disability community, make sure to scroll back through, as we are constantly working on updating the website, and that includes backdating some news. We have added older articles, an educational video presentation given by our founder, and you will see plenty of previous political news relating to the disability community. 

May 4, 2018

Conrad Reynoldson was on Kiro 7 news with Olivia Williams, one of our plaintiffs in our case with the University of Washington, talking about the Consent Decree to make campus accessible parking in 77 facilities across the campus compliant. If you missed it at 11:00 pm last night, or want to see it again, you can view the video here.

May 3, 2018

The University of Washington did a press release yesterday talking about the Consent Decree we filed. 

"The University of Washington announced today it has reached an agreement with a group of three plaintiffs in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit alleging violations in the University’s parking facilities on the Seattle campus.

The University and the plaintiffs agreed to a consent decree, which outlines a commitment and process to meet ADA standards over the next 15 years."

May 2, 2018

Exciting news! We have reached a consent decree with the University of Washington regarding parking accessibility across the Seattle campus!

WACDA co-counseled with Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC to represent multiple clients concerned about University of Washington Seattle campus parking accessibility. After filing a lawsuit on November 15, 2016 plaintiffs' counsel and The University of Washington have now agreed to a consent decree to make 43 parking facilities accessible within five years, and make 77 parking facilities accessible within 15 years. These changes will significantly increase parking accessibility across the Seattle campus for people with mobility disabilities.

You can see the Consent Decree HERE.

May 1, 2018

See below for some more exciting new job opportunities for individuals with disabilities thanks to an announcement by our friends at The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).

Internships for Entering Global Careers
Mobility International USA (MIUSA) invites people with disabilities in the U.S. to attend a free webinar to learn about internship opportunities and entry-level careers in international development and international exchange careers. If you are interested in participating in such a webinar in 2018, please fill out this interest form to be notified of the date and other details: https://goo.gl/forms/LULuCCk4rdH8jlOc2 

Programs Assistant - Elizabeth Dole Foundation
The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is looking for a Programs Assistant to join their team. The Programs Assistant will report to the Director of Programs and manage the day-to-day administrative responsibilities for all of the Foundation’s programs. The Programs Assistant should be an experienced, entrepreneurial and highly motivated professional; previous experience working in the non-profit field is encouraged.
The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is the preeminent organization empowering, supporting, and honouring our nation’s 5.5 million military caregivers; the spouses, parents, family members, and friends who care for America’s wounded, ill, or injured veterans. Founded by Senator Elizabeth Dole in 2012, the Foundation adopts a comprehensive approach in its advocacy, working with leaders in the public, private, nonprofit and faith communities to recognize military caregivers’ service and promote their well-being.

 April 16, 2018

See below for some exciting new job opportunities for individuals with disabilities thanks to an announcement by our friends at The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).

Anthem, Inc is launching a new internship program for bright, motivated college students who are interested in an opportunity to help define or broaden their career path and support disability inclusion in the workplace as part of the Anthem Team! 

Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy and Innovation is looking for someone to fill a Director Position at Loyola Law School (LLS) in Los Angeles, California that reports to the Dean. The position will also work in partnership with external stakeholders, including a senior consultant, a prominent figure in the area of disability law and policy, in developing a strategic and operating plan for the Center. 

Senate Democratic Diversity Initiative has various internships and jobs opening up. The Senate Democratic Diversity Initiative is a component of the Leadership Office of Senate Democratic Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), which assists Senate Democratic offices in building a diverse workforce. Interested applicants can upload their resumes to the Senate Diversity Initiative Resume Bank.

Check out the relevant flyer HERE

April 2, 2018

Conrad is the Featured Profile in the King County Bar Association's Bar Bulletin for April. Click the link to read more!

 SUPPORT H.R. 5004

Please support S.1318/H.R. 5004 the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act of 2017 and make air travel accessible for passengers with disabilities. The law would create and encourage:

Airline Passengers With Disabilities Bill of Rights
Advisory Committee on Disability at the Department of Transportation
Better Stowage Options for Assistive Devices
Safe & Effective Boarding & Deplaning Process
Increased penalties for damaged wheelchairs/mobility aids or bodily injuries, and allowing air travellers to sue in court to recover damages
Higher standards for accessibility, safety and airport and airline employee training

Contact your Senators and Representatives:


April 3, 2018

H.R. 620 stopped in the Senate 

Forty-three Senators committed to opposing HR 620 in the Senate, which effectively stops the bill from going to a vote on the floor. HR 620 has provisions to undermine the enforcement of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Senator Tammy Duckworth, a noteworthy disability rights advocate, has been a vocal opponent of the Bill.



We are opposing HR 620. As written it would effectively eliminate private enforcement of Title III of the ADA by:

1. Removing the incentive for businesses to comply with the ADA
2. Requiring a person with the disability to file a written notice specifying the exact ADA provisions that are being violated
3. Giving the business owner 60 days to acknowledge the notice and 120 additional days to begin to fix the violation; a total of 180 days (6 months!) to deny access.

We contacted our members of Congress, in an effort to rally support against this attack on the ADA. 

Despite our tireless efforts, the bill passed the house on February 15, 2018. 

Thankfully, Senator Duckworth- IL swiftly pushed back with a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - Ky pledging to block a vote on the ADA Education and Reform Act. 

She and 42 other senators signed the pledge, which successfully filibustered the vote, preventing the bill from reaching the Senate floor for now. 

Here is more information on HR 620:


January 25, 2018

Conrad Reynoldson gave a presentation at the University of Washington Spinal Cord Injury Forum about the ADA and what you need to know, aptly named “The ADA: What You Need To Know”. He incorporates humor and facts to help others to understand the realities of the ADA and how to tell if it is being followed. Thankfully, if you missed it, the UWSCI filmed this presentation, check it out here.

November 2, 2017

Northwest Access Fund awarded Conrad Reynoldson the Ron Adams Outstanding Advocate Award.

October 9, 2017

University of Washington School of Law recognized Conrad’s achievements and interviewed him in the recent October Alumni Newsletter. Conrad Reynoldson recently founded Washington Civil and Disability Advocate, a nonprofit specializing in Americans with Act and Civil Rights.

July 2017

“The city [of Seattle] estimates there are 26,000 people in Seattle who use wheelchairs or similar devices to get around.” And even with this high number, the city of Seattle was still not in compliance with ADA standards for walkways and curb cut-out. Conrad Reynoldson was the named plaintiff in a class action settlement to get the city to agree to prioritize curb ramp access throughout the city. This was covered by Seattle TimesQFox13,  and Komo News. Check out the links to read more, or head over to our cases tab to review the Consent Decree.

December 2016

WACDA teamed up with Carney Gillespie Isitt Law and filed a complaint against Ticketmaster for not disclosing in the ticketing process which available seats are accessible seating. Seattle Times wrote a brief article on it here.

January 2016

We sued the University of Washington over their basketball venue’s lack of ADA compliance ranging from parking to ticket sales. Komo News and American School & University both wrote articles on our efforts. Click the links to read them and learn more. 

November 2014

High Schooler Michael Leal was suspended three times and was on the verge of expulsion all for expressing and attempting to share his religious beliefs. Conrad Reynoldson worked side by side with PJI to overturn the unconstitutional school district policy at hand which was so overbroad that could have even barred handing out copies of Constitution. On top of overturning this policy Leal’s suspensions were expunged from his record. Check out some of the varying coverage by Seattle PI and World Net Daily.