Reynoldson, et al. v. City of Seattle  

In collaboration with Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC), Conrad Reynoldson advocated as a named plaintiff in a class action suit requiring the City of Seattle to install or remediate over 20,000 curb ramps throughout Seattle over the next 18 years. The Court granted final approval of the settlement on November 1, 2017.

Consent Decree

Leal v. Everett Public Schools

As co-counsel to Pacific Justice Institute, Conrad helped protect a student's First Amendment Right to distribute religious materials at school provided the activity did not disrupt instruction. The student had been suspended three times prior to the lawsuit which expunged the suspension and clarified the limits of the school district's policy.

Daman Lee Michael Wandke v. Yellow Cab, Inc.

As Co-Counsel with Hester Law Group, WACDA fought to protect citizens with mobility disabilities from unfair pricing for taxicab services, and higher premiums for services that they physically require accessing basic transportation. Residents and visitors of Whatcom County with disabilities who needed to utilize accessible taxis had only one option and were charged up to eleven times the amount of a standard taxi fare for a ride.

With WACDA's assistance Yellow Cab, Inc. was barred from charging patrons with mobility disabilities more for needing an accessible taxi.

Twede v. University of Washington

WACDA co-counseled with Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC to represent multiple clients concerned about University of Washington Seattle campus parking accessibility. After filing a lawsuit on November 15, 2016 plaintiffs' counsel and The University of Washington have now agreed to a consent decree to make 43 parking facilities accessible within five years, and make 77 parking facilities accessible within 15 years. These changes will significantly increase parking accessibility across the Seattle campus for people with mobility disabilities.

Consent Decree

Washington Civil & Disability Advocate